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This   is   the   homepage   of   Doh   Sun

This page is currently under massive construction. so come back at a further date and see what doh sun can do. These are my answers to the philosophy test at mtSAC.

It was not too hard to make the web page and test, just really time consuming.

Nieztche Link 
Crick Link
Atheism Link 
Somerset Maughum Link
5 favorite books:  Bible, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Firm, Life and Death of 2pac, Life without Father
My current philophy is that i am confused and have one point and that is to live life like it is the only one i have, there may be a GOD, but i am still going to live life the way i want to, to have fun.
3 favorite sites:
WaTeR its not just a liquid 
Progs online 
I am using AOL so i just click type in the web site  and i was led there. Then you click on from city to city and type in Walnut and Santa Barbara. Then it shows you a map. That's it.
It was not too hard to make the web page and test, just really time consuming.


Hello everyone, i am david or "doh sun". I go to Nutt Sac college and like rouronin kenshin. it's about this guy in the history of japan. a samurai sort of. I don't want to seem like an anime freak, so here are the other things that i like. 1. basketball 2. techno, deephouse, trance types of music 3. fishing 4. computer games ask me what else i like by e-mail if you want to. thats it thanks for coming

David Chen
United States

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